Tuesday, September 15, 2009



So last week I went to a benefit for Ruth Messinger's AJWS honoring NICHOLAS KRISTOF of the NY Times & his new book HALF THE SKY and the HBO film REPORTER, which follows Nick on his research into Congo. Afterwards, I'm getting my book signed and I handed Nicholas a list of actions that people can take to help DARFUR & my business card & a postcard about A SHORT WAKE, by Derek Murphy, the show I'm co-producing. So here's a photo of me getting my book signed and I notice that the postcard is in the picture. I have got to be the best self-promoter ever.

Then I went to a reading of the new musical, EMPIRE, about the history of the Empire State Building, and I was in a tiny little elevator in midtown with a theatre general manager friend and BROOKE SHIELDS!!! I didn't know whether to give her my Darfur action list, my show postcard, my headshot, ask her if I can be a stand-in for her (since we're the same height if I were to wear 3-inch heels - and, by the way, I do know how to say "I prefer high heels" in Croatian, but that's a whole other story), ask her if she liked EMPIRE, or what. So just as I turned to look at her and ask her a question, any question, she turns and looks at the back wall, so I knew she didn't want me to say anything to her. Turning around to face the back in a 2' x 3' elevator is universal language for leave me the f*#k alone you producer/actor/activist/writer/researcher. Later, when I told the general manager that I froze in front of Brooke Shields, he said he didn't even realize she was in the elevator with us!!!! And I thought I was kicking MYself.

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