Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm Going to Be on the Street with a Tin Can Soon

The continuing saga of EB's quest for Employment.
I fear the job search is not going well at all. Lisa, a childhood friend who produces commercials, recommended me highly to a casting director who casts commercials and industrials. They called me right away for an audition for an industrial to promote a new inhaler. I thought they were just going to be doing still shots but they videotaped a whole sequence of actions with the inhaler. We were supposed to make it look easy to use but I kept holding it wrong and nearly dropping it. It was huge and I'm so spastic. If I knew it was going to be choreographed, I might not have gone in for it - one fleeting look at my dancing and you'd know. Afterwards, I went to the Actors Fund to sign up for their work program and I saw in the mirror that I had a blob of mascara on my forehead!!!!! I am the worst actor ever known to mankind - you would think they could find a niche for me SOMEWHERE. (In any case, how often does one get to write, "It was huge and I'm so spastic"?) I feel so bad for Lisa - now they won't trust her ever again. Since my acting career was now in great question, I signed up to be a Census Worker and had to take a test to be eligible. I asked the person who called to schedule me what I'm supposed to wear - and she said, anything except pajamas. Now I have nothing to wear! The real reason I liked working freelance was that I could do it from home and stay in my pj's all day long. Well, that and the money. Damn. But I did take the test and I did get a 98.

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